Best Grill Brushes for Cast Iron Grates

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Are you tired of burnt on food? Are you wanting to make your cooking habits a little bit healthier? Then look no further! We asked around and found out that those neighborhood block parties can have a turn off. What is it? When someone says that the grill they are cooking on has just been cleaned, but you can still see a burnt on mess. Nobody needs all that extra dirt and debris in their meal!

We included these brushes below as some of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates because they exceeded our expectations. With these brushes, you will not have to worry about flimsy handles. You will not have to worry about bristles falling out. But best of all, you will not have to worry about burnt on grease.

The 9 Best Grill Brushes for Cast Iron Grates

Big Sky Grillers brings you one of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates. We were impressed by the quality of this grill brush and we think you will be too. For starters, it’s unique design gives it an advantage over the competition. It designed resembling a ‘T’. This allows this grill brush to slip into those hard to reach places and make sure everything is clean. You are also able to clean very well between the grates. On the end of this brush are stainless steel bristles. Since they are made of stainless steel, these bristles will not clump together on you, no matter how messy your cast iron grill may be. We noticed the handle also has a nest feature as well. Besides from having a very nice rubber handle, this grill brush has a longer handle than some of the competition. This is a very nice extra feature. You will not have to worry about chunks of grill residue getting all over you. Also, if the grill is still warm, you will not have to worry about the heat. If you want to hang it up on the side of your grill, it is no problem because a leather hanging strap is attached to the handle. The brush is also versatile and can be used for cast iron grills, stainless steel grates, and porcelain. As a bonus with your purchase, Big Sky Grillers will throw in a free silicone basting brush and a book of recipes!

Elite Cookery brings us one of the most uniquely designed grill brushes for cast iron grills. You can say goodbye to tough burnt on grease, because this grill brush will definitely be the answer. The design of this brush allows it to fit into some tight spaces, but it also makes sure everything is clean in less time than a normal brush. That is because this grill brush has three different bristle heads, which are made out of stainless steel. This means you will not have to keep scrubbing and scrubbing the same area over and over again. The handle on this grill brush is great! We found that it is actually really durable and will not bend when cleaning cast iron grates. At the end of the handle is a rubber piece, so that it is easier to hold on to. A hole in the handle allows you the option to store it easily, either inside or attached to your grill.

Kona has created a grill brush that we are including as one of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates. The Kona brush is a perfect alternative for someone who does not want a brush with bristles. With this grill brush, you do not ever have to worry about the bristles falling out because there are none. The brush is made out of a wrapped stainless steel, which means it is durable and does not have any sharp edges. The best way to use this brush is to dip it in water to use on a hot grill to steam clean it. No matter what grill type you have, this model by Kona will get it clean! The handle is also great as well. You cannot have a great brush and a flimsy handle. The handle is made out of durable stainless steel and will not bend. It is quite long and is best used with two hands.

The cast iron care kit by the Lodge Manufacturing Company comes with a fantastic grill brush that we had never seen before. The kit, itself, is wonderful if you are a fan of cast iron and have some cast iron products. The best part about this kit is that it is specifically for cast iron. So, you know that your cast iron grates will be well taken care of. The kit includes seasoning spray, a pan and grill scraper set, and a grill scrubbing brush. We absolutely love the scrubbing brush for cast iron grates. The scrubber brush is ten inches long with a very nice wooden handle. The wooden handle runs down into a round head with rubber on the top. Underneath the top are very firmly packed bristles. These firmly packed bristles are so easy to use on cast iron grates. They really kick off debris without damaging the cast iron. As a bonus, you also get grill scrapers as well!

The Grill Daddy is one of the most high quality and one of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates that we have found on the market. For starters, it is a very innovative grill brush. The bristles are seemingly locked in place by a patent pending bristle configuration system. The bristles are made out of durable stainless steel. It comes with two replacement brushes. These bristle heads can easily be popped off, so they can easily be cleaned as well. It has a steam cleaning mechanism! All you have to do is fill the water reservoir up and then pop the lid back on. While you are brushing your grill, simply press a button to release some water. This will allow you to steam clean your grill without you having to repeatedly dunk your brush in a bucket of water. This product does not use batteries or electricity, so it is totally green which we love.

The Le Creuset is one of the smallest on our list, but do not let it fool you! The Le Creuset is on of our very favorites and that is why it is on our list of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates. First of all, it is gentle. We do not mean that it does not kick grease and grime to the curb, because it does. We just mean that it is not going to really scratch up your cast iron or damage it in any way. The Le Creuset can fit in the palm of your hand, but it packs a punch. The bristles are made of tightly packed nylon. This allows it to really give those grill grates a deep clean. Since the bristles are made of a nylon material, they are more movable than stiff stainless steel bristles that some models have. Nylon bristles can sweep into every crevice and ridge with ease. This product is round with an ergonomic holding handle place on the top.

This grill brush is our second one by Kona featured in this list. If your grates get very messy or you want to clean it super fast, then this is the grill brush for your cast iron grates. They market it as their fastest grill cleaning brush to date. We can not argue with it because it does have superior quality! Using this brush, you can have a clean grill in under one minute due to the rough design. Since it has a 360 degree design, you will be able to clean all areas of your grill grates in only a couple sweeps. The stainless steel bristles are extremely durable and tightly packed. There is a scraper built in on the top and bottom, making cleaning an absolute breeze. The handle is long, about eighteen inches, and will make sure your hands are nowhere near the heat. There is a stainless steel loop at the end of the handle, which is perfect for storage.

Cave Tools brings you a very innovative grill brush for cast iron grates. This brush has been tested through bouts of rain and even a snowstorm. What is the verdict? This grill brush refuses to rust. Three rows of stainless steel bristles are tightly pushed together. The bristles go along and bottom and partially up the brush. This means that there will be minimal effort on your part to get your grates cleaned. This triple brush design will allow you to get into crevices and corners with ease. What also will help you get into those tight spaces without scrubbing like a madman is the eighteen inch long handle. This will make sure that, if your grill is still warm, you will not have to feel the heat or have the potential to get burned. As a bonus, when you purchase this product you will also get twenty five recipes to try out.

If you want heavy duty, check out the grill brush by GrillArt. This state of the art cleaning brush is perfect for cast iron grates because it has three times the cleaning power. This is because there are not one or two, but five rows of bristles that are all stacked against each other. Scrape off that stubborn gunk with hardly any effort at all! It’s perfect for sliding into those hard to reach areas, like corners and ridges. It has a built in scraper on the top. This can easily be flipped over to scrape off stubborn burnt on grease. The handle is long and durable, with a ring for hanging. The handle has woven stainless steel that allows you to push firmly down without bending or breaking it. It will work like a charm on all grate types without scratching the surface.

We included these brushes as some of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates because they blew us out of the water. We are sick of going to parties and even having our own grills full of burnt on food. It is not healthy for yourself and for your guests. These grill brushes are awesome for getting your grill clean with a minimal amount of work. They reach into those hard to reach places and some even have built in scrapers to really ensure a deep clean. So, take one of these grill brushes and get to work! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on

We included these brushes below as some of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates. With these brushes, you will not have to worry about flimsy handles. #grillbrushes #grills #grilling #grill #brushes #cleangrill #grillcleaning
We included these brushes below as some of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates. With these brushes, you will not have to worry about flimsy handles. #grillbrushes #grills #grilling #grill #brushes #cleangrill #grillcleaning


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