One of the most delicious ways to enjoy your favorite cuts of meat is via ground meat. Burgers, sausages, meat balls, tacos, and chili are just a few delicious everyday delights that are comprised of ground meat. However, to get the freshness, quality, and flavor right, many at-home cooks prefer to grind their own meat. So, we did the homework for you and found the best meat grinders under 100 dollars for those who want to grind it out at home!


Using a meater grind in your kitchen at home can really elevate the flavor of your cooking. Also, it's safer to grind your own meats since you know what exactly went into your ground meat and when it was ground. 

So, now that you're convinced you are ready to get a meat grinder for your kitchen arsenal, here are a few things to look at when making your first purchase:


You want to make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen to accommodate your new-found grinder. If it is a stand-alone electronic grinder, these make take up a lot of counter space. However, if it's a simple attachment, these may be easier to store in smaller kitchens.


Most meat grinders come with a manual crank grinder, stand mixer attachment grinder, or as a stand alone electric grinder. Make sure to choose one that fits your kitchen size and needs. If you don't grind meat that often, then you may want to go with a cheaper and smaller manual grinder.

Grinding Options

It's extremely important to pick the right material for your built in grill. Sure, it may sound appealing to your wallet to cut costs on cheaper metals. However, in the long run, getting a stainless steel or higher-grade metal will be worth the investment. It will prevent from surface damage and other wear and tear throughout years of use.


Make sure you check the BTUs and compare it to the size of your cooking surface. Generally, you want to aim for 80 – 100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space. The higher the BTU, the quicker fuel will be used up, so make sure to get a grill that uses up only the amount you will need and no more.


17.2 x 7.9 x 9.8"

3 grinding plates, sausage attachment, Kibbe attachment

Electronic Stand Alone

800 W Max

For those of you who are looking for an all-in-one meat grinding machine, this is the product for you. This 800W standalone electronic meat grinder fits perfectly on your kitchen counter top and doesn't take up too much space. It also looks pretty schnazzy with it's black and silver modern design.

When it comes to grinding, this machine does it all! Wielding 3 different grinding plates, you can get all types of grinds for burgers, meat balls, and more. Plus, the machine includes a sausage making attachment and a kibbe attachment if you want to get a little more adventurous.

Overall, the Homeleader Meat Grinder truly lives up to its name, being one of the best products on the market for grinding meat at home.

19.3 x 10.4 x 8.4"

3 grinding plates, sausage attachment, Kibbe attachment

Electronic Stand Alone


If you're ready to take your meat grinding game to the next level, this is the machine for you. The Sunmile Electric meat grinder and sausage maker makes the perfect grind on your meats for patties, meatballs, and more. 

This machine is simple, minimalistic, but extremely effective. With up to 150 lbs of meat grinding power per hour, you can truly start grinding meat for a family or even a dinner party. The machine includes three different grinding plates with gives you texture options. Also, the machine comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, guaranteeing you quality.

In the end, we love this meat grinder and we believe it's a great starter machine for you and your family.

8.63 x 5.59 x 9.13"

1 grinding blade and 2 grinding plates

Stand Mixer Attachment


If you have a stand mixer and want to amp up its abilities, you need to get this grinder. Not only does it turn your already existing technology into something awesome, it's also easy to use.

Made from premium aluminum, it's light, heavy duty, and easy to use and clean. Not only does this grinder grind meats to perfect consistency, it also grinds cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. Also, the grinder includes one grinding blade and two grinding plates perfect for patties and pates. Plus, it's easy to store since it's just an attachment.

By far, this is one of the best bangs for your buck if you have a decent running stand mixer. 

17.2 x 7.9 x 9.8"

2 grinding plates

Stand Mixer Attachment

Stand Mixer

Got a stand mixer and you're ready to grind? Meat, of course! Well, you're in for a treat because Kitchenaid is at it again. This time, they've got a high powered grinder attachment for your favorite Kitchenaid stand mixer.

Want to know if your stand mixer fits this grinder? Simply plug in your model number here to see if it fits! The grinder has two different plate: a fine plate for meats and dried breads, and a coarse plate for grind fruits, veggies, and cheese. Plus, washing is easy since most of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Overall, this is an excellent meat grinder attachment for those that own a Kitchenaid stand mixer and don't want to spend a whole lot on an expensive meat grinder.

For those of you who are just starting to dip your toes into the world of sausage making and meat grinding, this is the grinder for you. This little powerhouse manual meat grinder by Simple Being is an excellent addition to your kitchen tools.

First, this is an easy to use machine; no special skills or culinary school required. Because it uses manual grinding, all you have to do is stick your favorite meat mixtures into the grinder and turn the hand crank. The hand crank also allows total control off the grinding, unlike an electric grinder. Also, this grinder works well for vegetables, garlic, peanuts, fruits, and more. Plus, the suction base keeps the grinder stable and makes grinding much easier.

We know that you will absolutely love the hands-on control this grinder give fro your sausage making. Also, the price point will certainly please you as well.

There's nothing about this meat grinder that will confuse you. This basic but powerful meat grinder by Sunmile is everything you need in a grinder that's straightforward and easy to use.

Packed with 250W of rated power and 800W max locked power, this bad boy an grind up to 150 lbs of meat per hour. Also, its made all by copper wires and a powerful durable motor that ensures a long lifetime. The functionality of this machine is easy a simple on/off switch makes this bad boy run like a charm. The machine comes with 3 various stainless steal cutting plates for coarse, medium, and fine grinding and comes with 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 1 plastic food pusher, and 3 sausage attachments.

All in all, this is an excellent electric meat grinder that simple to use, durable, powerful, and won't break your bank account.

Need a high powered meat grinder that won't cost you an arm and a leg? The Aobosi 3-in-1 meat grinder is the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal. The heavy duty 1200W high-powered pure copper motor gives you all the grinding power you need to make your favorite ground meats and vegetables.

We love this electric grinder not only for its price point but also for its ease of use. It has three simple settings, on, off, and reverse and is equipped with a Dual Safety Switch. The intriguing trapezoidal design and reinforced chassis lets the machine operate more stable when grinding. Also, the 3-in-1 food grinder allows this machine to work as a meat mincer, sausage stuffer, and a kubbe maker. It includes 2 different stainless steel cutting blades, 1 sausage kit, and 1 kubbe attachment.

We know you'll absolutely love this meat grinder. It's multi-functional capabilities, efficacy, and price point make this grinder hard to beat!

Professional (or wannabe professional) sausage makes, rejoice! We've got the best meat grinder under 100 dollars that you're going to LOVE. The STX Turboforce Cadet electric meat grinder is a multi-functional meat grinder that will truly elevate your meat grinding game.

This kit includes 1 polished aluminum grinding head and meat feed tray, 3 quad beveled cutting blades, 3 grinding plages, 3 sausage stuffers, 1 kubbe attachment, 2 meat pusher, 2 meat shredder claws, and a burger patty maker press. Powered by 1200 Wats, this bad boy can grind some serious meat, with an output of 80 to 120 lbs per hour. Plus, it comes with s 3-year warranty.

If you want professional grade ground meat in the comfort of your own home without spending top dollar, this is the product for you.

Want a grinder that's affordable but won't sacrifice quality? The Antree Food Grinder and Sausage Filler is her to save the day. This grinder is an efficient and powerful attachment that utilize the power fo your home stand mixer to grind your favorite meats.

This grinder is compatible with any household KitchenAid stand mixer. It also comes with two grinding plates: coarse and fine. Also, it has a sausage filler which you can use to help make a variety of sausages. The sausage makes come in two sizes: small sausage filler -- 3/8" diameter x 4-3/5" L, large sausage filler -- 5/8" diameter x 4-3/5" L. The whole kit includes 1 Grinder, 2 Grinding plates (fine and coarse) ,1 Grinding blade ,2 Sausage filler tubes ,1 Food pusher (Plastic) and 1 Brush.

This is the perfect grinder fo those that already have a KitchenAid stand mixer and want to save a little more counter space and money in their wallet.

It's time to upgrade your kitchen witha multi-functional and versatile machine. That's right, I'm talking about Betitay 1800W electric meat grinder. This 4-in-1 grinder allows you to grind meat, make delicious sausages, kubbe, and even make sauce!

Included in this kit are three cutting sizes plates: 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm for coarse, medium, and fine grinding. Also, the machine is easy to operate. All you have to do is press the button and the food processing machine starts to work. It has a three way function that allows you to put the grinding in reverse to avoid jamming. Plus the components of the grinder are easy to clean and some are dishwasher safe.

Ultimately, we know you will be very happy all the options this machine will allow you to achieve in your at-home kitchen.

Need some serious grinding power without forking over serious dough? AICOK is at it again and this time they have a high-powered meat grinder kit that allows you to make your favorite ground meats and sausages in the comfort of your own home.

With 800W of power, this bad boy can product up to 2 lbs of meat per minute! It's made from food-grade material and is easy to clean. Also, it has multiple functions which allows you to grind vegetables, make sausage, kubbe, noodles, and other ground meats. The kit comes with the following: 2 different stainless steel cutting plates, 1 sausage attachment, 1 kubbe attachment, 1 cutting blade, 1 food pusher, 1 hopper plate. Meet all your daily needs with this incredible meat grinder.

In the end, we know you will absolutely love the versatility and price point of this incredible meat grinder.

To get the freshness, quality, and flavor right, many at-home cooks prefer to grind their own meat. So, we did the homework for you and found the best meat grinders under 100 dollars for those who want to grind it out at home!  #meatgrinder #meatgrinders #under100dollars #affordable #kitchentools #meat #meatrecipes
To get the freshness, quality, and flavor right, many at-home cooks prefer to grind their own meat. So, we did the homework for you and found the best meat grinders under 100 dollars for those who want to grind it out at home!  #meatgrinder #meatgrinders #under100dollars #affordable #kitchentools #meat #meatrecipes

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