The spice-filled dishes of Ethiopian food are no secret; it is hands down one of the best foods in the world! For those that haven’t had the chance to try it, be sure to put it on your bucket list. If you’re a vegetarian, or just love to get your daily serving, you’re also in luck! Lots of their food consists of vegetables, served as a thick stew-like texture, on top of injera, a large sourdough flatbread. A plate that is also edible AND tasty? Yes please! Of course, there are also spicy meats and braised fish you can order! All food ordered is served with sides of injera, which can be ripped apart to pick up a portion of vegetables and meat, then eaten together. 

Ethiopian food is one of my favorites because the vegetables and meat are jam packed with flavor, and the injera has the perfect spongy texture to compliment your meal! Lastly, after all food is served, there is a coffee ceremony, an important part of Ethiopian culture. Today, we’ll be talking about the 9 best Ethiopian injera mitads, so you can make some dishes at home! Also, we’ll dive into deeper detail about injera. We'll be showing you a recipe, and the types of meats and vegetables you can eat with it! Are you excited yet?! Let’s look! 

The 7 Best Injera Mitads

If you’re waiting for a sign to get that perfect flat grill - this is it.

This all purpose grill is made with a non-stick finish and an adjustable temperature up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This pan is built with Ethiopian food in mind. Perfect if you want to serve a big group at a time, or just eat for yourself! What’s great about this mitad is that there is an overflow spout to control all your spills. It’s also splatter resistant.

Of course, it’s easily portable with heat resistant handles and legs - so move it from the kitchen straight to the dining table! Satisfy all your injera needs with this Niat 120V AC, 60Hz! If you’re buying a mitad for those that need 220V, there is a separate product listing for it!

To note, this product comes with a lid. If you want to expand from injera, you can easily make crepes, flatbreads, pizza, and tortillas with this product! Yum yum!

With such a versatile product, how could you resist? 

Cook all types of cuisine with this digitally controlled mitad! Do you like making something new? Are you passionate about cooking? This is definitely a must buy product.

With a digital heat controller, pre-set warming feature, and auto shut off, this smart device does it all for you. Create the best injera for half the cost, all the time! First, this mitad has 3 heating rings to evenly distribute heat. Make the best injera recipe, or even pancakes, roti, naan, eggs, steak… anything you can think of grilling, it can do!

Second, it’s an easy to use grill. The plates are made with 5mm aluminum, which can be cleaned easily. Simply wipe it down with a wet towel, and you’re cook to go. Easy cooking - easy cleanup! Addis takes pride in their customer satisfaction, so this product comes with a 1 year warranty. Risk free mitad? Sign me up! This non-stick griddle weighs 9.5 pounds, and comes with black colored handles, which are heat resistant.

All in all, this grill is perfect for a gift, or for those that need that extra grill in the house. Reviews love that it’s easy to assemble, and really cooks your injera evenly.

It’s a win-win product!

Put together a grill, griddle, and frying pan all in one appliance!

With an electric aluminum grill, you can set the temperature between 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t know what else to cook besides injera? Have no fear, there are recipes included with this grill! This specific grill has 120V and 1600 Watts, so keep that in mind to make sure it suits your home!

One review said that this is the #1 injera making pan, because it does it perfectly and carefully! Other grills can’t compare to this one according to the fan: not iron, aluminum, or Teff. Other reviews mention that with a 1 year warranty, Bethany Housewares will replace or fix your product! Everyone loves this grill because it’s reliable, sturdy, and versatile.

Make all the injera you need with Bethany Housewares, and you won’t be disappointed!! This item weighs 6.4 lbs, so you can take with you everywhere and anywhere!

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Don’t be fooled by the name, this bad boy can make much more than crepes!

Think dosa (savory Indian crepes), flatbreads, or obviously injera!

There are 5 different temperature settings, so you’ll get control over your cooking! Of course, this crepe maker comes with a batter spreader, which helps get that thin consistency of crepes. Then, there is an aluminum plate that is the perfect griddle for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs! Pancakes? Yes! Grilled Cheese? Of course! Pizza? Naturally!

Lastly, this pan comes with rubber feet for stability and recipes to get your inner chef going! Keep in mind, some reviews say that non-stick is prone to scratching, so always use silicone utensils or be careful with the batter spreader when in use.

Another word of advice is to keep this product on for no more than an hour at a time. Other than that, everyone loves this crepe maker because it gets the job done!  

You’ll be turning up the heat with this multi-use crepe maker! This 12 inch grill has a high power thermostat control - 1080 W high power. This large cooking surface will allow you to make all the injera, tortillas, or crepes you need!

Use it at a party or a potluck and you’ll be the highlight of the night! This electric griddle is certified to meet FDA safety standards and is made with high grade food safe aluminum. Not satisfied? No problem! You’ll get a 3 month money back guarantee with this purchase, and a 12 month warranty. With this non-stick surface, you can cook just about anything!

Use it for a date night, or give it to your family or friends as a holiday gift! Lastly, with a simple temperature adjustment, you’ll be cooking in no time! Reviews have mentioned that it’s a “life changing” cooking appliance! They even go as far as making dumplings, pizza, DIY hot-pockets, and more!

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If you want an extra pan for the house, check this out! No plug in necessary, just throw this hard anodized pan on the stovetop!

Cuisinart’s non-stick pans are made with a Quantanium interior, a patented nonstick surface that is reinforced with titanium. Thus, you’ll get the most out of your cooking using less oils and fats! The pan features stainless steel riveted handles that stay cool on the stovetop. There is also a tapered rim to eliminate drips when pouring.

Of course, this Cuisinart pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a reliable pan that can be stored in your cupboards, or hang it up against the walls! This is an amazing find, since it can multi-task for all your cooking needs. 

You can make the perfect crepes, injera, or tortillas every single time with this appliance! It’s 12 inches in diameter, and is made with a non-stick aluminum surface.

First, you’ll have precise temperature control using the built in light. It will indicate when the stove is ready for use! Once you turn on the crepe maker, the light will stay lit until it reaches your desired temperature. When the light turns off, it’s time to make your food! Make injera, pancakes, blintzes, and dosa! The world is your oyster with this handy cooking device. To top off the icing on the cake, this crepe maker comes with a 100 recipe cookbook, batter spreader, and wooden spatula! Amazing!!!

When you’re not making Ethiopian food, you can get inspired by the recipe book to satisfy your cravings. Give this as a gift to a future chef, use it in your household, or take it when you’re traveling! If you’re looking for a reliable and easy product, it’s right here for you!

 If you’re absolutely new to cooking, this user-friendly crepe maker will make your life easier!

Homemade Injera Recipe

So, what are you going to do with your new mitad? You guessed it! Make injera!

If this is your first time making injera, you’re in for a treat. When cooking injera, it starts out like a crepe, and is known for having a sponge-like texture. Traditionally, injera is used as the plates for your meats, and sometimes even as "tableware". That's right - people use their right hands to pick up meats with ripped injera. It’s a distinctive bread that truly defines Ethiopian food, and when eating it with your meats, everything tastes so damn delicious! Since you need time for the dough to ferment, the entire cooking process takes about 50 hours. So, plan accordingly!

Makes sixteen 10 inch rounds of injera


2 cups teff clour

⅛ teaspoons active dry yeast

1 cup self-rising flour

Kosher Salt


  1. Combine teff flour and active dry yeast in large bowl. Add 2 cups lukewarm water and whisk (you can also use a hand mixer)
  2. Mix until smooth with no lumps
  3. Cover with plastic wrap and let the mixture sit at room temperature until mixture is bubbly - 36 to 48 hours. You want the mixture to taste sour (like a tangy yogurt)
  4. After 36 hours, taste the mixture
  5. AT THIS POINT, the batter will look separated and water on the top. Shake the bowl to see bubbles rising to the top. 
  6. Add self-rising flour and up to 1 cup of water at a time. Whisk/knead the dough thoroughly to make a smooth, thin, and pourable mixture the consistency of thick crepe batter
  7. Cover again and let the dough sit for 1 hour
  8. Heat your mitad/ skillet over medium heat for several minutes
  9. Have a lid for the skillet nearby. It is suggested to have a wire baking rack nearby
  10. Wisk 1 teaspoon salt into the batter (it will bubble up)
  11. Pour ¼ cup of batter into the skillet, tilting and swirling to coat with a thin layer of batter
  12. You will start to see little holes forming and the surface darkening as it cooks from the outside going towards the center
  13. When the injera is ¾ cooked, cover the skillet and let it steam for 1 minute. Your injera is cooked when the edges are dry and lift up from the pan
  14. Run your spatula underneath and carefully transfer to the baking racks to cool completely
  15. IMPORTANT: Do not stack cooked injera on top of each other like pancakes. They will stick together! Only do this when your injera is COMPLETELY COOLED DOWN
  16. Continue to make the rest of the injera by repeating steps 11-14
  17. You can wrap the stack of cooled injera with dry paper towels to keep them from drying out until they are ready to serve/eat

Types of Ethiopian Cuisine

With all this injera, it’s time to talk about the meats that are served on top of it! These terms are much needed if you ever go to an Ethiopian restaurant, or if you need and idea of what to cook for dinner! Yum! Let’s get started

Wat: This term refers to stewed meats; wat typically begins with chopped red onions, simmered in a pot. Then,, you an add niter kebbeh or vegetable oil. You can add legumes, split peas, lentils, potatoes, carrots, and chard. Those are used for vegan dishes. You technically can add meats, like beef, chicken, fish, goat, or lamb. Atkilt wat refers to vegetable dishes

Tibs: Meat and vegetables are sauteed to make tibs! You can change the spice level from low, medium, or SPICY! Or, if you’re not one for the flames, you can ask for no spice. This is a classic dish and is used to celebrate holidays or special occasions. 

Kitfo: This is raw/rare beef mince, marinated in mitmata (a spicy chili powder) and niter kibbeh. Yum yum! 

Ayibe: This is a cottage cheese dish that is mild. It has a texture similar to crumbled feta. It can be mixed with mild or hot spices, or used by itself to soften the effects of other spicy dishes. 

Gomen kitfo: This is a dish made with collard greens that are boiled and dried. It’s chopped and served with butter, chili, and spices. It’s especially popular when celebrating Meskel, a popular holiday in Ethiopia. 

Now that you know more information about Ethiopian dishes, I hope you’ll taste each of them and find your favorite. It’s a great experience shared with close friends and family. Ethiopian culture and the people are amazing, the food is mouth-watering delicious, and all their dishes are guaranteed to widen your food palette! Anytime I step into an Ethiopian restaurant, I can already smell the delicious aroma of spices in the air. And, after reading through this, you'll be able to bring their signature dishes to your household! 

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