1. Fried Egg Easter Muffins

Surprise your friends and family with fried egg Easter muffins – just right for the spring celebration Easter.

2. South German Potato Salad with Wieners

This Potato Salad is pretty easy to prepare and there are several things to add to the original recipe, like apple pieces or sunflower seeds, boiled eggs, etc.

3. Egg Liqueur Cake – Egg Schnaps Cake

This cake has it all: It tastes fantastic and it looks fabulous and as a side effect one might feel a little tipsy after a slice or two. In my opinion its a sweet end for an Easter Brunch!

4. German Easter Striezel

Easy to bake Easter bread, which is very popular in Germany and Austria. Great for your Easter breakfast with jam of your choice on top.

5. Curry Eiersalat: Light German Egg Salad with Curry and Apples

This Curry Eiersalat is not your everyday egg salad. It’s fresh and different, featuring yogurt in the dressing to make it lighter, lots of crisp apples and warming curry spice. 

6. Spargel Quiche: German Quiche with White Asparagus

White asparagus is what all the Germans are craving right now, but you can find it in the US as well. Try this asparagus quiche and convince yourself.

7. Herb Butter & Herb Quark

Herbs have a big part in the German cuisine. Two of the most used herb recipes are Herb Butter and Herb Quark. But let me tell you a little bit about the benefits of herbs up front.

8. German Tartar Sauce or Remoulade Sauce – Remouladensauce

Never heard of “The” German Tartar Sauce? Well, some German dishes are very regional and those from Bavaria are best known by tourists.

9. Quark-Brötchen – Easy Rolls

These quick rolls are made with “Quark”*. They are easy and fast – just perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast.

10. Oma SiegHilde’s Creamy Potato Salad

If you’re looking for potluck recipes for this Easter, consider making this creamy German potato salad featuring lots of potatoes, eggs, pickles and Wiener sausages!

It's time to celebrate Easter with a new kind of cuisine. These delicious German Easter Recipes are a great way to please the whole family with a new twist. You can even make them any time of the year. If you love pastries, baked goods, and eggs, you need to check out the Best German Easter Recipes.


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