While I was doing research for this article I came to the realization that the food over there is amazing. They have some common foods that you can find in your local grocery store and some exotic foods like reindeer. Regardless of what you choose to eat, you’ll find that they are all extremely tasty. This is why I highly recommend that you decide to give them to your loved ones as gifts!

The problem you might be facing now is that you don’t know what would make a good gift. Luckily for you I am here to help you with your struggle. I made sure to go through many websites to find the best alaskan food gift for you. This article will definitely be a worthwhile read for you!

My list will contain some of the most fabulous food sets that will please even the pickiest person in the world! The explanation that I will give for each product will be sure to stimulate your appetite!  There is also no danger of you getting sick of the products on my list because I made sure to provide variety. My list contains a variety of seafoods, land meats, chocolates, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with my choices.

10 Best Alaskan Food Gifts

This gift box is for those who have a strong taste for the gourmet foods and this box delivers. It has some of the finest salmon, caviar, reindeer salami, and other wonderful goodies. All of these items would make a wonderful dinner on the go. Granted the person you are giving this to would have to prepare other ingredients to go with the foods in the box. But they will find out that they are all easy to obtain and will greatly enhance your dining experience.

An example of what would go great with this box would be crackers which would go well with the caviar and salmon. A drink like wine would also go great since it would help wash down all the strong flavors in this box. The last thing I will recommend is a nice dessert of their choice since it goes extremely well with the tea inside this box. You might not like any of my choices and that is ok. But my point is that there are a lot of different things that can go well with this box, just tell them to choose what they think is best!

The only problem that might bother you with this box is that it could be expensive because of the expensive ingredients like caviar. It might be true that the box is on the more pricier side, but I can assure you that it is still extremely affordable. You’ll also find that the flavors in the box will be well worth it!

Now I hope your special person is a fan of salmon. I hope so because this basket only has salmon! There is one main problem that they might have with this box and that is they might get tired of only eating salmon. Don’t worry though since this box addresses your main concern of this box and they do that by preparing the salmon in different ways. 

For example you have smoked salmon but they are smoked in different ways. There are jalapeno, peppered, and honey smoked salmon which all provides a different flavor. They can even use them to make different dishes which also provides even more complexity to their dining experience. A simple example would be salmon sandwiches, each of the sandwiches will at least have bread that will complement each of the smoked salmon in a different way. 

Finally if they are tired of just eating smoked salmon then there is one other thing they might enjoy. The basket comes with fresh canned salmon and that can be used for many different things. Just experiment and I am sure that they will find a way to enjoy the variety of ingredients in this box!

This is the least visually impressive gift on my list but it is still quite amazing. The reason for that is that it provides a lot of unique benefits. Since they are jerky then they have a very long shelf life. It might not seem like an appealing gift for most people but extremely valuable for the cautious type. They can be used as an emergency provision or for exercising like long hikes in the mountains.

The person you are giving this to might be worried about the taste of the product but I can assure you that it won’t be a problem. All of the jerky comes with unique tastes like sweet-smokey, lemon zest, and rainbow peppercorn. They even don’t have to worry about artificial flavors since the product guarantees that it is non-GMO. Of course they can still be skeptical about the claim but I can assure you that it is true!

The reason for that is because it comes with a tracking code that they can use to learn about the process. That means that they are confident about  the product and I love that in a company. The only reason why I have this product ranked so low is because it lacks the visual appeal and variety the other products have.

This is an amazing gift that will satisfy anyone's Alaskan curiosity. It has some of the best cuts of meat that you can find in Alaska. They are all prepared in two different ways as well which means that you won’t have to worry about  the taste. You got some reindeer sausage, smoked sockeye salmon, and smoked silver salmon in a glass jar. If the person you are giving this to still find a way to get tired of that then just tell them to spread the beer stout mustard dipping sauce for enhanced flavors.

The only other thing in this box is the 5 assorted chocolates. There really isn’t much to say about the chocolates since they aren’t anything special. But I can say that they make the perfect dessert at the end of their meal! Overall nothing to really dislike about this product but I dislike the lack of variety. This is the only reason why I have it ranked a bit lower than the other two products. It seems like a minor thing but I have to rank the top products in this list somehow!

This box is for those who are uncertain about trying out Alaskan foods. If you are unsure that the special person will like the taste of Alaskan food then this box is for you due to the large variety. Since there is such a large variety, they are bound to find something that they will love. This means that there won’t be any fear of you wasting your money! Now let us go over some of the wonderful foods in this box.

You have some wonderful meats like caribou and salmon which have some of the highest quality. If you aren’t a fan of these meats then there are some amazing desserts like Klondike toffee crunch and chocolate covered berries which are such a delightful treat. Besides the food there is one other thing they might enjoy. If they are bored during the quarantine then there is a DVD in this basket that might help satisfy their boredom.

This is a special DVD titled “Alaska: The land beyond”. They might not love the DVD but at the very least they will have something to watch while snacking on their gift basket. Finally even if they don’t like any of the items in the box which is highly unlikely, there is a way to address that .They can fix that by finding some amazing food items that will complement the items in the box. The new flavors from your combination will surely be a delight for their taste buds.

This is the ultimate gift box for those who love land meats. All of these land meats are definitely prepared with the highest care. The only problem with this gift box is that they don’t have a lot of variety with this box. But all of the items in the box complement each other extremely well. They don’t need any help to make this gift box appealing to whoever you buy it for!

Now let us go over what is inside the gift box. The gift box contains some of the most delicious sausages, crackers, cheeses, jerky and dipping sauces. They make a great snack for people to enjoy while they are working or entertaining themselves . You can even just buy it for yourself since you can use it for parties. It is a guaranteed way to keep everyone fed and happy in that party.

This product is for all of the seafood lovers out there. It contains a lot of different seafood's for that special someone to enjoy. They can also be assured of the quality and freshness of the product. The portions are also nothing to scoff at either since they will get a whopping 84 oz of meat with this product and at an affordable price. They are also all prepared with a focus on taste so all you have to do is just reheat them.

The main problem is that  the product might have a tough shelf life. So they should consume the gift as quickly as possible. This means that the product might not be great for a regular dinner and it is best for only parties. That is a good enough reason to buy this product in my opinion since happy guests means that they will be the favorite in the neighborhood. 

Here me out before you judge my ranking of this product. I have this product ranked so high because of the guarantee that it provides. This product isn’t that different from the other products ranked below it in terms of taste. It doesn’t have anything to help it and there is nothing special about it. The person you are giving this to might not like the taste of lobster and jerky but I am sure they will enjoy the taste of chocolate. 

Chocolate is something we all enjoyed when we were kids and we all still enjoy it when we are adults. There are also a variety in the taste like Alaskan kelp and cayenne, pink Himalayan salt, and espresso bean. Just a lot of unique and wonderful flavors that they can try out at an affordable price.

Have you ever forgotten to make that important dinner for an important party? I know I have and this product is for whoever you give this to. It works well for those trying to prepare for a party that requires a turkey. It even comes with jam and a jalapeno spread that complements this turkey. Heck you don’t even have to use this for just parties, you can use it for a regular dinner. 

That is great and all but is there any other special thing about this? No and that is okay. You can never go wrong with a classic dish and that is why you don’t need anything else with this. To summarize this is a turkey with classic flavors but it has nothing special about it and that is why it is ranked so low.

Essentially the same type of gift as the other product so you could have this ranked lower. But personally I have it ranked higher because it is just more appealing than jerky. The reason for this is because the product is considered a luxury item and that adds value. You also don’t even have to worry about the product shelf life because it is kept in ice when it ships. 

There is one big problem and that is the taste. The person you are giving this to wil have to love the taste of crab legs otherwise they are just not going to like this. I know that I have emphasized the importance of variety but this time it is extremely important. There is nothing else that comes with this item to help the crab legs. So this means that you should obtain this item if they love crab legs or at the very least willing to experiment with it!


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