International cuisine is not always about the strange and unusual but experiencing these dishes can take any foodie on a delectable trip through some wonderful taste combinations.

One of the latest countries to be noticed for its cuisine is Fiji (Republic of Fiji) with its combination of European, Asian and Indian flavors.  A former colony of the British Empire this group of islands is now part of the area known as Oceania.

About 45% of the residents are of European descent and English is one of three official languages. The opportunities for shared food products between the US and Fiji is great. Add the importance of tourism in keeping the country’s economy going and food becomes a huge factor for  exports to countries in Southeast Asia. 

Culturally, Fijians have a love of food similar to Americans.  While considered healthier by some accounts for its natural ingredients of fish, root crops, coconut and fruits, the residents have gradually adopted a diet more based on snacks and desserts. 

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Still observing morning and afternoon tea as it did when it was a British colony, Fijians enjoy foods which are higher in calories and more to the liking of the global palette. An expanding food vendor industry is popping up around night spots and busy city locations. These vendors offer many native foods. 

Being well industrialized, Fiji also has a booming food production industry that offers prepackaged foods to many countries within the Pacific Island region.  Here are what might be consider the Ultimate Guide of Snacks in Fiji.

Regrettably finding an online grocery outlet for these items is difficult but a few of these items are found in larger metropolitan areas and within smaller outlets specializing in Asian food items.  

Afternoon Tea

A tradition left over from British Rule, afternoon tea is a wonderful opportunity to have a light snack and enjoy time with a friend.  A typical tea menu in a local shop might consist of fresh baked scones with cream and jam, small cucumber sandwiches and a rich brownie to enjoy as dessert. Tea or coffee is the beverage of choice in this case.  


Like any location with multiple restaurants, Fiji has a wide range of interesting appetizers to enjoy before dinner or as a stand alone dish with a cool fruit nectar beverage or specialty wine.  Here are a few menu items that maybe unique to the Pacific Islands


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