Ever had a Japanese pastry? If you have, you noticed that it’s quite different from typical American pastries. It’s not cakey and it’s not flaky. It’s actually pretty doughy and chewy. How do you make dough like that? Well, you can’t use white flour. You have to use Shiratamako flour which is almost exclusively made in Japan.

Shiratamako is a type of sweet or glutinous rice flour. It’s used specifically to make Japanese sweets. Unlike white flour or wheat flour, Shiratamako flour when made into dough is actually “chewy and gooey.” It is similar to Mochiko but the texture is not quite the same. In fact there are other types of rice flours but if you want to make genuine Shiratamako Dango, you’re going to want to use the right stuff – Shiratamako flour!


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